Check on Your Horse from Home or Work

Equestrian Camera SystemWith today’s technology you can monitor your horses day and night. We can install a monitoring system in your barn to monitor a horse’s well being. We have a number of systems that can be used from barn to your home but most exciting is being able to view your four-legged friends off site. Use your lap top or phone to check in and see what’s going on.


Trailer and Tracking Systems

Equestrian Trailer CameraTraveling with your horses just got a lot easier! Whether you have a 2, 3 or 6 horse trailer, AV Custom Equestrian Division can design the system that’s right for your needs and budget. WE carry a wide variety of durable cameras that can be mounted in the trailer and fed into a visor or in-dash monitors in your truck.


PA Sound Systems

Customize your barn with the right system to announce your next event. We have heavy duty amplifiers for 1, 2, & more zones. Call for a FREE consultation!